Soapiary Journal: Volume 01

Why use Plant-Based Soaps? 

For people who are vegan or vegetarian, plant based soaps are a simply part of what we do every day. We don't want to use animal products, by-products, or support producers who use these ingredients in anything, let alone the soap we use to wash our face and body. Unfortunately, there are too many soaps, gels and lotions on the market that are full of animal by-products (such as tallow) and many others that even use sulfates or petroleum products to help soaps make bubbles, strip away oils, or simulate a smooth feeling when lathering - almost none of these unnecessary ingredients are part of making you clean and healthy!

Just remember, you are not a dirty pan that needs to be scrubbed and sterilized every morning. Your skin is your largest organ, it's very absorbent, and it has its own natural oils that need to stay balanced. To get good and clean, the most important part is warm water and a mild soap that supports the natural moisture in your skin. Castile soap, like our unscented Nonsense! bar, is derived mostly from Olive Oil. This kind of soap has been around for centuries, and it actually enriches the natural oils on your skin when you shower, while washing away impurities with a gentle surfactant. 

Other plant-based ingredients, like Shea Butter, are extracted from trees and provide fantastic benefits for the skin. it's a great emollient, and can help out people who have tightness, itchy, or dry skin. We use Shea Butter in all our fragranced soaps, along with small amounts of vitamins A, C, and E that help provide nutrients to the skin. 

We aren't the only ones making plant-based soaps. We love great plant-based handmade soaps from Sallye Ander in Beacon, NY, and we love the old-fashioned Castile soap and luxury bars made for hundreds of years by Caswell-Massey. But we think our soaps are great too, and they are only four bucks! Plus they smell fantastic, and our bars are triple-milled so that they have a very low moisture content and last a long long time. Give it a try and leave animal soaps behind! The planet will thank you.