Soapiary Journal 6: Living Toxin Free with Activated Charcoal

Back again as your personal Soapiary guru taking you, this week, through the in’s and out’s of our activated charcoal! And no, not the charcoal you find in your barbecue! We use an all-natural charcoal powder in our exclusive Charcoal Verbena -Detox- bar to absorb toxins while the floral Verbena leaves you smelling fresh.
Charcoal has a laundry-list of uses. For over 10,000 years natural healers across the globe have used charcoal. Falling in line with our strong belief in using plant-based ingredients in our Soapiary soaps, modern-day use of charcoal includes spill cleanup, air purification, and water filtration. If you’ve ever used a water filter at home you may notice when you look close in and around the filter these little black specs. That’s charcoal at work! Acting as an absorbent, activated charcoal traps poisons, heavy metals, and other chemicals: all the things we don’t want in our bodies which is exactly why we use it in our Charcoal Verbena soap!
Humans have evolved to live a completely different lifestyle than ever before in human history, it’s a positive thing, but there are always drawbacks. Now, more than ever before, we are constantly assaulted by air pollution and processed foods that adversely affect our brain and gastrointestinal health. These toxins build up and are released through pores (and even though our mouths) resulting in one of the most displeasing odors - body odor & bad breath.
The activated charcoal that we utilize at Soapiary is said to soak up these toxins like a sponge, bringing you one step closer to being clean from head to toe!
One last reason we LOVE our Charcoal Verbena bar is the anti-aging effects activated charcoal possesses.
Change happens from the inside out. Always. Now we're not doctors, but we know this activated charcoal stuff could be another wonderful addition to your skincare routine!
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