Soapiary Journal 5: Stress-Free Cardamom

Life doesn't have to be all about stress! Taking time out of your busy day to de-stress, and breathe is key to maintaining your health and peace of mind. That's why Soapiary has the perfect solution to all your stress-related worries. Our Cardamom Verbena bar is sure to calm, relax, and help you get cleaner and smell better. Just stay calm, and love cardamom!

Here at Soapiary we have been experimenting with essential oils originating all over the globe. And one of our favorite essential oils we use is our Cardamom extract. Originating in regions of Tibet and India, you can already imagine why it's totally zen. Today we want to be your personal spice-guru talking the in's and outs of a spice so nice we can't help but gush over!

Cardamom is a versatile spice originating in regions of Southern Asia like Sri Lanka, India, and Nepal. It’s a spice used in cooking, and in teas - for all those tea lovers out there you may be familiar with green cardamom used in masala chai tea. Now, we’ve taken cardamom, thrown in some vetiver essential oil, coupled with soothing shea butter and our signature vitamin blend that we like to think of more as a way to de-stress, decompress, and relax than just a bar of soap!

There are many reasons why we love cardamom - did you know that the Cardamom essential oil is thought to have anti-depressant properties and is good for your heart? That’s right. The Department of Pharmacology and Pharmaceuticals at the College of Pharmacy of King Saud University, Saudi Arabia found that Cardamom can lower hypertension levels linked to anxiety and depression while antioxidant enzymes found in Cardamom helped to lower cholesterol levels.

Now, while we’re not doctors, all of us at Soapiary, we believe deeply in healthy living. That’s why we found cardamom such an AMAZING addition to our 100% plant-based ingredients.

So, how does Cardamom effect our skin?

Well our bodies like to be well maintained. It’s like anything - if you ignore that ticking sound your car is making, what would have been an easy fix is now costing a fortune. Our bodies are no different. Our bodies need TLC! While our bodies work naturally to flush out built-up toxins, it can use all the help it can get! Cardamom acts as a detoxifying agent to assist our bodies in fighting free radicals and has been scientifically proven to be a combatant of cancer cells.

The reasons why we love cardamom could span the length of a novel but in today’s busy world, always on the run, we figured we’d keep it short: our bodies and our minds deserve all the care we can possibly give it this holiday season!

Soapiary’s message is simple: a soap isn’t just a way to get clean, it’s a way to stay healthy.

Visit our Soapiary website today to snag a bar (or six) of the Vetiver Cardamom before it’s all gone (but don’t worry we always have more for you).