Soapiary Journal 4: 100% Post Consumer Waste Paper

Hey Everyone!
We're back with our 4th Soapiary Journal talking this week about our 100% post consumer waste paper that we package every Soapiary bar with. Along with the 100% premium plant-based ingredients and RSPO mass balance palm oil, we know that we're making amazing soap without harming the planet. 
Part of being a brand you can trust through a combination of complete transparency & affordable, luxurious, products. Today we want to take you through what post consumer waste paper means mean and how they help keep our carbon footprint to a minimum and keep our consciences clear.
As many of use are coming to know: a majority of body washes, and shampoos come in plastic bottles FILLED with harmful plastic chemicals and BPA’s. These toxic chemicals are something that aren’t allowed anywhere near our Soapiary soaps. That’s why we decided to use 100% post consumer waste paper.
Post consumer waste is any paper product (milk cartons, books, junk mail, magazines, cardboard boxes) that were recycled instead of going into a landfill. The “100” means that all of the forest certified paper wraps used to wrap our Soapiary bars are entirely made up of this post-consumer recycled waste.
Check out our simple, elegant design here.
It’s the most eco-friendly packaging you can get.
We believe in cutting down on the amount of bottles we use. If Soapiary uses all plant based ingredients, we’re vegan and vegetarian friendly, and we don’t use ANY parabens, phthalates, and sulfates then why would we put our amazingly sustainable soap into plastic bottles that would go into landfills, further polluting the Earth?
Exactly. We wouldn’t, we don’t, and we never will.
A commitment isn’t something that is made and then forgotten about. It is held true through integrity, honesty, and refusing to let go of the original vision with a strong desire to stand your ground.
We originally wanted to make clean, healthy, & beautiful plant-based everyday soaps. And we did! We set out and completed that vision and we’re proud to continue on that journey of sustainability with our forest certified paper wraps.
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