Soapiary Journal 3: RSPO Mass Balanced Palm Oil

We like to know where all of our ingredients come from - from the source plantation to our warehouse. By using RSPO Mass Balance Sustainable Palm Oil, we promote social, environmental, and economic good practice in palm oil production to reduce the negative impacts conventional palm oil has on the only home we have.
So many are unaware of RSPO palm oil in their products and how it is produced and it’s so important to understand for those who are conscious about living sustainably and not leaving developing countries ravaged. We’re here to help our Soapiary lovers understand what exactly is RSPO Palm Oil.
RSPO (Round Table of Sustainable Palm Oil) is a supply chain certification. Our RSPO Mass Balance Palm Oil certification means that we combine certified palm oil with conventional palm oil and monitored every step of the way on its journey across the world.
The RSPO mission statement is simple: to transform markets to make sustainable palm oil the norm. Every two years RSPO releases a progress report - the next one is scheduled for 2018 but you can check the 2017 impact-update now.
As of right this moment there 3,422 members in 82 countries (+16% from 2016). The United Kingdom and Germany are the top two leading countries using RSPO palm oil, but with 62% increase from 2016 to 2017, the United State is catching up quick!
Just to check - did you Caswell Massey, an American Fragrance and Soap company since 1752 makes Soapiary?
Caswell Massey makes sure that all operators in the process of harvesting, processing, shipping, and receiving palm oil are RSPO certified (except subcontractors). Owners of shipping, receiving, and processing business, each step of the way, report their shipments to an RSPO online monitoring system to ensure quality and honesty across the board.
And want to know a secret? Caswell Massey pays for an annual membership to the RSPO so the planet doesn’t have to.
Transparency is key to building trust with our clients. Our mission is to provide sustainable, beautiful triple-milled soap with no nonsense. Luxury doesn’t have to be unaffordable, that’s why we provide Soapiary soaps at an everyday price without sacrificing quality. Because good stuff matters.
And visit for more information on theirs and our mission of sustainable palm oil.