SALE! 6 bars, 6 stockings, 1 Super Sale!

Good stuff matters! Soapiary has personality, and so does the family. That’s why when it comes to choosing stocking stuffers for each family member this holiday season we made sure that Soapiary has got you covered.
This holiday season we’re offering the Mixed Six Pack for only $20 with coupon, and free shipping! 
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So, what’s in the Mixed Six Pack you ask?

The Mixed Six Pack includes everything but our Nonsense! Castile soap. But with all of our soaps being formulated with our signature shea butter, and being paraben, phthalates, and sulfate free, you can be sure no one in the family is missing out on all the good stuff.
Now, how can we figure out what Soapiary bar fits perfectly with each family member? Let's take a closer look at each of Soapiary's luxurious, affordable, plant-based soaps...

Our Citrus Coriander bar leaves a feel-good scent perfect for anyone in the family who is looking for a straight-forward, great scented soap that leaves you feeling supremely fresh.

Have a son, daughter, brother, or sister home from college for the holidays? Herbal Blend is the goto bar. Blended with rosemary and tarragon alongside other botanical oils to invigorate and awaken the skin in the morning. Perfect after a late night (don't worry, we won’t ask!)

Stressed from the Holidays? We know, we are too. That’s why we use Vetiver Cardamom to keep us zen. This Soapiary bar is great for Mom, Dad, and anyone in between that deserves a break!

With cold weather comes dry skin but our Bamboo bar is keeping your skin hydrated so you never have to go through another cracked skin crisis again. Makes it feel like summer last all year! Great for anyone in the family.

All of our Soapiary soaps leave your skin fresh and happy but none does it better than our Parsley Aloe bar. The little bits of parsley in the soap gently exfoliate and smooth away dead skin leaving a youthful glow and a perfect gift for everyone (even you!)

Last but not least is Charcoal Verbena. With activated charcoal to help detoxify built up toxins from your skin, its the perfect soap for just about everyone: that younger sibling who is always covered in mud and food, the brother or sister home for the holidays and going out with old friends, for Mom and Dad to help combat free radicals.

Take a look at our online store to get your coupon and your $20 Mixed Six Pack today!